Get Started

You have to include CSS

Two Javascripts. The first contains all the plugins used by the library to improve and speed-up programming, the latter is the library itself.

A configuration Javascript variables

var iWinConfig = {
    developmentStatus: false, // CHANGE TO true IF YOU WANT TO LOG VIA App.error.log(message);
    sweepstakeID: 'YOUR SWEEPSTAKE ID',
    sweepstakeApiKey: 'YOUR SWEEPSTAKE API KEY',
    extra_fields: {},
    ugc_fields: {},
    language: 'YOUR LANGUAGE',
    apiVersion: '1.0',
    baseUrl: ''

Finally... initialize

$(document).ready(function() {
    App = new iWin(iWinConfig.developmentStatus);
    App.apis.init(iWinConfig.baseUrl, iWinConfig.apiVersion);